Ten Deadly Sins of Digital Marketing

1. Long registrations – keep them short. Amazon’s process is too long and the Dymocks process means that even if you log in you need to re-enter all of your details!
2. No data plan – you need to plan your data and what you are going to do with it
3. Data but no analysis – there is no point in having data but then not having a plan of what to do with it. Remember the game is optimisation, not data collection
4. Going for gimmicks – there is a thought that gimmicks (like games) will increase stickiness, but it is short lived at best
5. Ignoring an awareness plan – You need a smart plan to build traffic to your site inclusive of SEM, SEO and other on and off line activity
6. Omitting search – you need to be a part of search, in all it’s forms – Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc etc etc
7. Poor usability – be customer obsessed and ensure that the site is usable for customers. Have a fast site that has no broken links and is easy for customers to find what they want and to check out in one page
8. Spamming – don’t do it
9. Failing to involve your participants – ask customers what they want, allow reviews, facilitate blogs, watch what they do and make changes to the site to make it better for them. Reduce brochureware! This is one-to-one marketing, not one-way marketing!
10. One size fit all DigiMarketing – Personalise your site, don’t make it mass marketing, make it customised to your consumers


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