Twitter – does it have a business application?

I have been reading a lot about twitter in the past week and it appears that most people think that this form of social media works and connects with users that the biggest problem is that it does not have a business model yet.  Without a business model it can’t be sustainable in the future.

I’m interested to here what others think.  Firstly can twitter create a sustainable income stream and still be attractive to its users?  Or will it go the way of MySpace?

Secondly do you have a business or a business idea that can leverage out of twitter to make an income?  I heard about a bakery that tweets each time a fresh batch comes out of the oven.  Apparently it is really effective and sales boom after each tweet.

I’m interested in your thoughts!


5 Responses to “Twitter – does it have a business application?”

  1. Sara Brechin Says:

    Success has been largely based on how the org approaches twitter, there are tons of failure stories based on corporate communications sounding more like bots than ‘real’ people. I think if businesses can have dedicated twits that manage by listening and responding when its appropriate there can be definite success.
    Dell is one company making huge impact as well as huge profits heres a link to more info:

    And if that is not enough to convince you twitter has come out with their own subdomain persuading businesses to use twitter to win.

  2. Michael Kromwyk Says:

    Sara this is very interesting reading. Some other commentators on twitter think that it lacks a business model and will be gone once others (such as Facebook) develop micro blogs or that others will develop e-commence models for twitter that cuts twitter out of income

    While this article attempts to show that twitter has peaked in terms of users:

    My guess is that we still don’t know the potential of twitter!

  3. Charisse Says:

    I think a lot of business fails on Twitter and across social media platforms generally because they don’t understand their customer base and they don’t spend time at the outset determining their own objectives.

    Twitter walks a fine line in that by commercialising the site they run the risk of alienating their most valuable asset…their users.

  4. Charisse Says:

    Michael I think a lot of companies themselves go wrong when they don’t set out their own social media objectives at the outset and don’t gather enough intelligence about their consumer.

    As for Twitter itself, commercialism is fine line. If implemented incorrectly Twitter runs the risk of alienating it’s biggest asset…it’s users.

  5. Michael Kromwyk Says:

    Even Qantas has a twitter account for their frequent flyers program. They are planning facebook applications as well.

    There is also a new look web site being launched today.

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